Shawn’s Monday Morning Maxim

We are drawn to those in the public eye who experience challenges. Take the most recent adventures of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is an example. Despite some pretty damning evidence his ratings have actually increased. What’s amazing is that our focus on the trials and tribulations of others seems to allow us to feel better (and focus less) on our own life’s challenges.

Such pursuits are a time dump.

Reinvest this time in your own self development and pretty soon others will be focused on you.

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A rememberance reminder

We enjoy freedom today as a result of others who have given their lives in days gone past. Imagine sacrificing your own life for those whom you’ve never met.

Lest we forget their sacrifice and service.

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Prime your employees for change

How can you drive effective change across your business? You need to prime employees for the change! In this video I discuss the critical components necessary for your employees to embrace change. Take some time to consider your upcoming initiatives and use the points I present to assess whether you have primed your employees for the change.

© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rights reserved.

© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rights reserved.

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Change is NOT the challenge

It’s rudimentary to think that we are unable to adapt to change. We embrace change each and every day so long as we can see the benefit. I purchased a new iPhone 5S because the technology makes my iPhone 3S seem like a rotary dial telephone; standing in line at the bank no longer seems necessary; wandering a mall aimlessly in search of Christmas gifts (no I haven’t started shopping yet) is a waste of time. Although these may seem like very simple examples of change to which we have become accustomed, consider some of the more predominant changes that have occurred during the past decade such as hybrid vehicles, bicycle sharing programs and crowd-sourcing.

No it’s not a challenge for us to adapt to change, it’s determining which changes we want to adapt too. Where should we focus our energy, attention and resources in order to improve our lives?

This same question exists when we consider influencing change in our business. As a business owner or executive we must decide what changes will have the most significant impact on the success of the business, and more importantly, how to engage our employees in adapting to this change. I recently worked with an organization in which the CEO felt he had an employee engagement problem. After some preliminary investigation it became apparent that engagement was not the problem, it was the lack of priorities that resulted in culture confusion. Each and every senior manager was assertively pursuing their own strategic objectives, resulting in a multitude of disjointed programs polluting the company communications. The result was analysis paralysis. There was so much information that employees were unsure of which to pursue. The HR Vice President was focused on employee recognition and rewards; the Vice President of Engineering was focused on policy compliance and improved process efficiency; the Supply Chain Vice President was focused on cost savings; and on it goes. All of this created the perception that the employees were unwilling to change. By focusing on fewer organizational objectives and positioning the objectives in a manner that employees could embrace, the velocity and results of change were realized.

If you want to engage employees and drive significant change, focus on fewer strategic objectives, positioning them in a manner that employees can connect with. There will be greater clarity and alignment across the business, delivering your desired results with greater velocity.

So don’t get caught up in the old adage that employees are unable to adapt to change; consider instead the focus and objectives of your organization and remember that the fewer the objectives the easier it is to engage employees and achieve results.

© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rights reserved.

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Shawn’s Monday Morning Maxim

My wife and I ate dinner at a small local establishment on Friday. The food was fantastic, the service was less than desirable. The waitress simply did not appear to have the energy to speak with us.

We initially chocked this up to possibly a lack of sleep, however when she had intermittent bursts of energy for the table next to ours (the patrons of which she clearly knew), it became apparent she was either displeased with something we had done or simply did not like her chosen career.

Are your customer’s treated equally? Moreover how are you monitoring to ensure your employees are receiving an exceptional and consistent customer experience?

This may appear to be an over-reaction on my part but with all of the options available when it comes to dining out, neither my wife and I will be returning to this establishment. Do you think the restaurant owner is pleased about this, or not?

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Next Operational Leader Webinar December 16th @ 11:00am EST

Make sure you join me for our next webinar “Developing a Roadmap to Increase Productivity.”Best of all you can join us for FREE! In this one time only webinar I will spend 60 minutes introducing and discussing proven practices to improve productivity, both personally and for your teams. Sign up here.

The term operational excellence has a different meaning to every business. In essence it is the optimized intersection of people, process and technology to deliver maximum value to customers at minimal cost. Define it as you will, it is important to develop a plan to continuously improve productivity.

In this webinar we will discuss the key elements of productivity, and provide tips and insights based on our work with mid and large sized organizations on how to maximize productivity. We will discuss concepts on maximizing individual and team performance; improving processes to reduce waste; and how to ensure technology aids efficiency versus undermines it. If you own a business, manage a team or lead a department, this webinar is designed to get you thinking about how you can quickly and easily maximize performance to increase productivity. This webinar ties together the previous sessions so be sure not to miss it!

Sign up now.

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Success and the two “R’s”

Personally I have found that there are two key ingredients to success, regardless of the desired outcome…

Resolute and Resilience.

For the Boston Red Sox to win the 2013 world series the entire team had to resolve to win the series despite the talent and pressure from the Cardinals, and remain resilient despite any losses or setbacks.

For Bethany Hamilton to take first place at the N.S.S.A. National Surfing Championships despite having her right arm severed at the shoulder when she was 13, she needed to resolve that her impairment would not have a detrimental impact on becoming a champion, and she had to remain resilient despite being forced to find an alternate means to balance.

Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 times… I think you get the picture.

Whether individually or as a team, achieving our desired outcomes requires we resolve to win and we are self motivated to be resilient despite the challenges and obstacles that may present themselves.

Are you resolved and resilient or distracted and fragile?

© Shawn Casemore 2013. All rights reserved.


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